PPNLS POOL New lower FEE 0.95%


DIFF 65536 PORT 3122
DIFF 524288 PORT 3123

Our Wallet Version is ----> TAG-v2.0.0.build-g-bdb-gcc.

Attention read here --> https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2669793.20
COIN SWAP until END of march !! AFTER 31.03.18 Tagcoin change to Tagcash, please red the tread of hashcash!! it's a web wallet for now. You first need to go to Tagcash.com, click on menu in upper right corner, then create an account. You will be given a User ID and then follow these steps:
1. Burn your tagcoin by sending to TRCryptoLifeDotNetBurnAddrXXX6gvik
2. Send the transaction ID of the burned coins, to burn@tagcash.com along with your Tagcash ID/email in the Tagcash Wallet
3. Untill December 2017, we will swap 3 new TAG for 1 old tagcoin
4. From Jan 1 Jan 31, we will swap 2 new TAG for 1 old tagcoin
5. During ICO public sale, February and March, we will swap 1 for 1
At the end of the ICO, we will not be doing any more exchanges.
The swap is currently at 2:1 but previously was at 3:1
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